Buyers Guide

Waveski Buyers Guide

If you are new to wave skiing or coming into it from a sit on kayak I always recommend starting on a composite moulded waveski, the reason being is that the learning curve can be quite steep so within 6 to 12 months if you have a custom wave ski made for you you may have wished that you had ordered one slightly smaller or slightly different in some way, once you have some experience a custom waveski could be an option. We offer preferential trade in values for this scenario.

Composite Waveski “The New Breed of Waveski”

We have two models of Composite Waveski, both Waveskis are designed for the novice to intermediate paddler of different weight range. “The Beachmaster” is good for smaller lighter paddlers up to 13 stone, heavier if the paddler is experienced. “The Cruiser” this Waveski is suitable for paddlers between 13 to 17 stone. The difference between the two skis is that The Cruiser is a little longer slightly wider and has more far volume in the rails giving more stability, although still very manoeuvrable. Both skis can be fitted with lap belt or thigh straps and can be freely interchanged.

The construction of the Composite Waveskis are a hollow polyester composite laminate, the Waveski is made in two halves and joined together using a unique joining system with a very strong external Carbon fibre seam, the Waveski has a central internal Fiberglas stringer giving the Waveski its rigid bottom. To take any size paddler the ski has an adjustable carbon foot rest, The ski has a 6" screw hatch on the rear hump which has two benefits, firstly the hatch allows the ski to breathe with temperature changes and secondly we have installed a small water tight box inside the ski, making it ideal for storing car keys or even a pasty when out.

We have both skis available for a demo paddle, Just pick up the phone and contact us (please give us at least a weeks notice)

Custom Waveskis

Our Custom Waveskis are made from High-Density EPS, They are hand shaped thus an infanite (expanded polystyrene) they are laminated with epoxy resin and a variety of fibreglass cloths depending on the spec of the ski, Carbon, Carbon/ Kevlar etc.